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Terms Of Use

The “Terms” outlined herein establish the reciprocal rights and responsibilities pertaining to the usage of the Website by its Users. We retain the authority to modify these Terms at our discretion without advance notification to the Users. Amendments to the Terms will be published on the Website, and, as necessary, communicated to Users via email.


  • “User” refers to any natural or legal entity that accesses and utilizes the Website. In this context, Users are also addressed using second-person pronouns such as “You” or “Your”.
  • First-person plural pronouns such as “We”, “Us” or “Our” are used to denote the operator of the Website.
  • “Website” refers to, including its localized variants in the French language accessible via the subfolder of the domains.
  • The terms “Privacy Protection Policy” and “Privacy Policy” denote the Website’s policy on personal data and privacy protection, as detailed in section 6 of these Terms.
  • “Data”聽means all information that a User submits on the Website.
  • “Cookie” refers to a brief text file that is installed on your computer either by the Website or third parties during your access to the Website.
  • “Data Protection Laws” encompass all relevant legislation concerning the processing of personal Data, including Directive 96/46/EC or the GDPR, along with any corresponding national laws or regulatory measures.
  • “GDPR” stands for the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.
  • “EU Cookie Law” refers to Directive 2002/58/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council dated 12 July 2002, as amended in 2006 and 2009.

General Terms

2.1. The Website functions as an independent information source for those interested in online lottery play and does not offer online gambling services. The information provided on the Website is purely informational and should not be interpreted as legal advice.

2.2. We diligently strive to maintain the accuracy of information on the Website, but given the dynamic nature of online gambling, we cannot assure the precision of the Website’s content. We accept no responsibility for any harm arising from the use of information available on the Website.

2.3. The Website includes links to external sites managed by third parties. We do not control and are not responsible for the content on these third-party sites. We advise users to carefully review the terms and conditions of these third-party websites before engaging in any gambling activities.

2.4. By accessing and using the Website, Users agree to comply with these Terms and the Privacy Protection Policy, confirming their understanding and willingness to adhere to both these Terms and the Privacy Protection Policy.

2.5. We inform Users, as data subjects, that by agreeing to the Privacy Protection Policy, they also consent to the processing of their personal data as necessary for the proper functioning of the Website in line with these Terms. For detailed information on the processing of Users’ data, please refer to section 6 of these Terms.

2.6. By using the Website, Users who are natural persons affirm that they are at least 19 years of age and possess full legal capacity. Access to the Website is prohibited for anyone under 19 years old or below the legal age for online gambling in the User’s jurisdiction or province. Users are responsible for ensuring that online gambling is legal in their jurisdiction and for adhering to all other relevant legal requirements.

2.7. Access to the entire Website or specific sections or content may be restricted for Users from certain countries or regions, in order to comply with local laws.

2.8. Should a User detect any inaccuracies in the information provided on the Website, or if they believe the Website does not adhere to their country’s laws, they are encouraged to reach out to us at We are committed to exerting our best efforts to ensure compliance with the laws of all countries where the Website is accessible.

2.9. If any section of these Terms is found to be non-compliant with the laws of the User’s country, the remaining sections of the Terms shall continue to be valid and enforceable.

2.10. The LottoPlay logos, trademarks, and texts on the Website are our intellectual property. Logos and trademarks of lotteries, gambling services, and payment providers belong to their respective owners and are protected by intellectual property laws. These logos and trademarks are displayed on the Website solely to reference the services of their respective owners (nominative fair use). Replication of content on other websites is permissible only with active dofollow backlinks using the <a> HTML tag, or with our prior consent.

Privacy Protection Policy

This Privacy Policy is applicable to both Users of the Website and its owner/operator. We are committed to safeguarding User information privacy. This policy governs all Data collected by us or provided by Users in the context of using the Website.

3.1. Scope of the Privacy Protection Policy.聽The scope of this Privacy Policy is limited to our actions and those of Users concerning this Website. It does not apply to any external websites that may be accessible through this Website, including but not limited to, links to online lotteries. As per relevant Data Protection Laws, we act as the “data controller,” meaning we decide the purposes and methods for processing your Data.

3.2. Data Collection. In adherence to this privacy policy, we may gather the following Data, including personal Data, from our Users:

  • Contact information, including email addresses.
  • Information collected automatically, such as IP addresses, types of web browsers, and operating systems used.

3.3. Methods of Data Collection. Data is acquired through the following methods:

  • Data directly provided by Users.
  • Data collected automatically.

3.3.1. Data Provided by Users.

Data is collected from Users in various ways, such as:

  • When Users reach out to us via the Website, through email, or other channels.
  • When Users submit feedback or complaints to enhance our services (note that submitting complaints and including email or other Data is not mandatory).

3.3.2. Data Collected Automatically.

Certain Data is automatically gathered when Users visit the Website, including:

  • Information about your visit is automatically recorded, encompassing your IP address, visit dates, times, frequency, and your interactions with the Website’s content; this aids us in refining the Website’s content and features.
  • Your Data is automatically collected via cookies, based on the cookie settings in your browser. For detailed information, please refer to section 3.10.

3.4. Utilization of Data. We may occasionally require any of the aforementioned Data to ensure Users have the optimal experience on the Website. In line with this Privacy Policy, the Data may be utilized by Us for the following purposes:

  • Enhancing our products or services.
  • Other specific purposes for which the User has provided Data to Us.

We may use your Data for these purposes if we consider it necessary for our legitimate interests. If you disagree with this use, you have the right to object under certain conditions (refer to section 3.5).

We do not disclose, lease, or sell personal information about our Users to third parties or companies.

3.5. Your Data Rights. You possess the following rights concerning your Data:

  • Right to Access: You can request a copy of the information we have about you at any time, or ask us to modify, update, or delete it. We may decline your request under legal allowances, and if so, we will explain our reasons.
  • Right to Correct: You have the right to get your Data corrected if it is found to be inaccurate.
  • Right to Erase: You can ask for the deletion or removal of your Data from our systems.
  • Right to Restrict Use: You have the right to prevent or limit how we use your Data.
  • Right to Data Portability: You can request the transfer, copying, or moving of your Data.
  • Right to Object: You have the right to oppose our use of your Data.

For inquiries, to exercise any of the above rights, or to revoke your consent for Data processing, contact us at If you are dissatisfied with how we handle a complaint about your Data, you may escalate it to the relevant data protection authority.

It’s crucial that the Data we hold about you is current. Please inform us of any changes to your Data during the time we possess it.

3.6. External Website Links. Our Website includes links to external websites. While we thoroughly review the websites we link to, we have no control over their content and are not responsible for it. This Privacy Policy does not apply to your use of such external websites. We advise you to review the privacy policies of these external websites before using them.

3.7. Business Ownership and Control Changes. Occasionally, we may expand or reduce our business, which could include the sale or transfer of control of all or part of the Website. In such instances, User Data relevant to any part of our business being transferred will be passed along to the new owner or controlling party. They will have permission, as per this Privacy Policy, to use the Data for the original purposes it was collected.

In cases of business ownership changes, we will endeavor to ensure your privacy remains protected.

3.8. Cookie Usage. Our Website may utilize Cookies on your computer. These Cookies are implemented to enhance your experience on the Website. We have selected these Cookies meticulously, ensuring your privacy is safeguarded and respected at all times.

  • All Cookies employed by our Website comply with the prevailing EU Cookie Law.
  • You have the option to enable or disable Cookies in your internet browser. Most browsers are set to accept Cookies by default, but this setting can be modified.
  • You also have the choice to delete Cookies at any time, but be aware that this might result in the loss of saved information that facilitates faster and more efficient access to the Website.
  • Detailed information about our Cookie usage is outlined in our full Cookie Policy.

3.9. Final Provisions. In instances of discrepancies between the English version of the content and versions in French, the English version shall prevail. These conditions are subject to change at any time, without prior notification.

Published: 01.01.2024 馃幈 Online Lottery Tickets & Reviews
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